Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Different Day, Same Stuff!

So while nothing really earth shattering has happened since my last blog, a few things have gone on.  Harrison & I celebrated our 10th Anniversary, we went to dinner at Larkin's.  I had never been, it's a pretty good restaurant.  We got to sit outside & people watch & we all know how fun that can be, especially since it was Fall For Greenville.  I also went on Abbie's 1st Kindergarten Fieldtrip, we got to ride the school bus, which she thought was super cool!  And I also went on Harrison school fieldtrip.  Both were to the pumpkin patch but to different ones.  The day of Harrison's fieldtrip, he started feeling bad & that began the weekend of fever for him.  I was really worried about him but that week, everyone on our street had some sort of fever or throw-up bug, it was so strange but I guess when we all play together the kids are bound to pass stuff around.  Thankfully he was over it by Monday but I let him stay home from school for a few days, plus it was Fall Break, so we got to have a whole week together.  It was nice to no shuffle between schools, to let Benjamin take a nap early & to not have to wake him up to go to carline.  So nice!! It's amazing how less stressful it is to not run from here to there.  We had a great Fall Break, Harrison took the days off from work & it was awesome to spend family time together! 

That brings us up to date.  Tonight is Church & the kids are looking forward to hanging out with their friends.  We are getting ready for a busy weekend!  Actually the next 2 weekends are super crazy! This Saturday is the UCM Annual Halloween Party with one of Abbie's friends b-day party that afternoon & then on Sunday, we have Church, then another friend of Abbie's b-day party & then off to the Chili Cook-Off/Fall Festival at our Church.  Next week is Abbie's birthday!! Holy Cow, she's turning 6!!! It's not old but seriously where have 6 years gone?  We're celebrating her birthday the next Saturday, the 30th, then a friend's birthday that night & the next day is Church, Session, and Trick-or-Treating!!! Followed by the 1st 2 days of November being my mom's birthday & Harrison's birthday!  Oh & Lil Man's school's Fall Festival & Silent Auction is the 29th.  So to say the next 2 weeks are super busy is an understatement! 

Right now, I am sitting on my bed with a huge pile of laundry that isn't folding itself!  But both boys are asleep, a rare thing so it's hard to want to fold clothes when it's so peaceful!! In a few I am off to carline and will have to wake them, boo! I wonder if the baby monitor's range will go all the way to the school?  Just kidding, I would never do that!  But it is times like this that I'd love her to be dropped off at my front door! 

At least tmw morning I get a little break with a trip to Wisteria for a much needed hair cut.  I am also having low lights put in, something I have only had done once or twice, so I hope it turns out.  I am not afraid of hair color :) but something about low/high lights, i don't always like, especially when they are these huge streaks.  I don't care if it's not my natural, I don't want stripes!  The girl I go to, is really good, so I am sure she'll do a great job!  Thankful, my mom is watching B so I can go! Plus as part of an October special they are doing some deep conditioning treatment..woo-hoo!!  Maybe that means an extra scalp fav part!  Keep the tea & water..bring on the scalp massage!

Ok, well, I better run & get motivate to wake to sleeping boys! 

More later!