Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Different Day, Same Stuff!

So while nothing really earth shattering has happened since my last blog, a few things have gone on.  Harrison & I celebrated our 10th Anniversary, we went to dinner at Larkin's.  I had never been, it's a pretty good restaurant.  We got to sit outside & people watch & we all know how fun that can be, especially since it was Fall For Greenville.  I also went on Abbie's 1st Kindergarten Fieldtrip, we got to ride the school bus, which she thought was super cool!  And I also went on Harrison school fieldtrip.  Both were to the pumpkin patch but to different ones.  The day of Harrison's fieldtrip, he started feeling bad & that began the weekend of fever for him.  I was really worried about him but that week, everyone on our street had some sort of fever or throw-up bug, it was so strange but I guess when we all play together the kids are bound to pass stuff around.  Thankfully he was over it by Monday but I let him stay home from school for a few days, plus it was Fall Break, so we got to have a whole week together.  It was nice to no shuffle between schools, to let Benjamin take a nap early & to not have to wake him up to go to carline.  So nice!! It's amazing how less stressful it is to not run from here to there.  We had a great Fall Break, Harrison took the days off from work & it was awesome to spend family time together! 

That brings us up to date.  Tonight is Church & the kids are looking forward to hanging out with their friends.  We are getting ready for a busy weekend!  Actually the next 2 weekends are super crazy! This Saturday is the UCM Annual Halloween Party with one of Abbie's friends b-day party that afternoon & then on Sunday, we have Church, then another friend of Abbie's b-day party & then off to the Chili Cook-Off/Fall Festival at our Church.  Next week is Abbie's birthday!! Holy Cow, she's turning 6!!! It's not old but seriously where have 6 years gone?  We're celebrating her birthday the next Saturday, the 30th, then a friend's birthday that night & the next day is Church, Session, and Trick-or-Treating!!! Followed by the 1st 2 days of November being my mom's birthday & Harrison's birthday!  Oh & Lil Man's school's Fall Festival & Silent Auction is the 29th.  So to say the next 2 weeks are super busy is an understatement! 

Right now, I am sitting on my bed with a huge pile of laundry that isn't folding itself!  But both boys are asleep, a rare thing so it's hard to want to fold clothes when it's so peaceful!! In a few I am off to carline and will have to wake them, boo! I wonder if the baby monitor's range will go all the way to the school?  Just kidding, I would never do that!  But it is times like this that I'd love her to be dropped off at my front door! 

At least tmw morning I get a little break with a trip to Wisteria for a much needed hair cut.  I am also having low lights put in, something I have only had done once or twice, so I hope it turns out.  I am not afraid of hair color :) but something about low/high lights, i don't always like, especially when they are these huge streaks.  I don't care if it's not my natural, I don't want stripes!  The girl I go to, is really good, so I am sure she'll do a great job!  Thankful, my mom is watching B so I can go! Plus as part of an October special they are doing some deep conditioning treatment..woo-hoo!!  Maybe that means an extra scalp fav part!  Keep the tea & water..bring on the scalp massage!

Ok, well, I better run & get motivate to wake to sleeping boys! 

More later! 

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  1. You lost me at low-lights and deep conditioning treatment. I'm trying to figure out what a low light might be. And how deep can a conditioner really go? The tea and water sound nice, though. Great Clips only offers me crappy magazines before they whack off all my hair.

    Peace be with you over the next few weeks! I'll be thinking about you... and with you in person for a lot of it!