Thursday, August 5, 2010

1st Blog 8/5/10

I guess I am giving in to blogging!  Why not, right!  It's a place where I can write anything I want & you can share in my life.  I wouldn't call my life crazy but we do have our moments. 

Today we had out typical day of going to the gym then running errands where Abbie & Harrison proceeded to pitch a fit because I didn't want to buy yet another stuffed animal.  They got over it quickly but for a few moments there wasn't a soul in a 5 mile radius that couldn't here "why mommy, why" mixed in with tears.  I am all for buying new stuff but we have a million stuffed animals & toys and just didn't need new ones.  Then of course there are the candy bars, gummy worms and all the other delicious treats right at the register & so the "can I have some candy" questions start.  I am convinced stores were designed by a man who never shopped with his kids or one who never had children.  Oh well, such is life, right.

I am looking forward to tomorrow because we're going to Switch-A-Roos Consignment Sale.  I hope to find some good deals.  I did manage to score some things at An Angels Attic last week, but no pants for Abbie, which is what we need badly.  She's hard to shop for because not only is she in between sizes she's so doggone picky.  Yes, I know she gets it from me.  Sometimes I am grateful for her pickyness but other times, I just wish she'd understand "I bought it & you're going to wear it" concept but then I guess she wouldn't be related to me.  So I just roll with it & hope we can compromise & find things we both like.  And if we don't have any luck there it is Tax Free weekend, so I guess we'll hit up the Mall or Target. 

Hopefully we will have a nice relaxing weekend.  We don't have much going on, a friends housewarming party & Church but other than that notta.  My mother-in-law was coming but thankfully decided it against it, it's good for the kids but I am glad to not have to have company this weekend. 

Right now it's rest time but I only have one little boy sleeping and the other two are attempting to run up and down the hall.  Abbie is pretty good about staying in her room, mainly because "Hannah Montana" is on, she's a newly converted Hannah Montana freak.  I get daily updates on what Miley is doing on the show.  It's kind of funny.  Harrison on the other hand, rarely naps & had never gotten the whole let's just rest concept.  But I do manage to keep him in his room for some of the time, the rest of it, he's running in & out of his room and coming to tell me some super important details.  Such is the life of a 3 yr old.  Only if he understood that it's these brief moments while they're in their rooms that help this mom stay some what sane.   

Anyways, I guess that's it for my 1st blog.  I am off to do some dishes and laundry.  You know you wanna come help!


  1. Congrats on your first blog. Im warning you, its addicting!!

  2. Very cool, Melinda! I've never followed a blog before. Does this mean I'm going to have to start texting too?

  3. Seriously... when is blog entry #2? You've got plenty of of material with the stitches and the 1st day of school now. Your fans are waiting!