Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day in the life!

Here it is, by popular demand my 2nd entry! I know everyone was on pins & needles waiting. 

Abbie had her 2nd day of school today, which hopefully will go well.  We did our 1st carline drop-off this morning & it was pretty fast, I was home w/in 15mins.  I felt pretty good about that, I do think Abbie was a little apprehensive that a student was there as part of the "Safety Patrol" and not a teacher, and I just wanted to hop out of the car and walk her in but I didn't.  And since I was the 1st car in the line I couldn't just sit there until 2:30, so I slowly pulled out & came on home to the chaos of the boys.  When Harrison starts preschool we won't even have left yet, so I think that's kind of weird.  Well, maybe weird is not the right word but it is hard to think that Abbie will be at school about an hour before I can take LM to school.  Oh well, once he starts we'll get into a routine & everything will fall into place.  Or at least that is my hope. 

I am just grateful that things seem to be going well, I was unsure after our "Meet the Teacher" night.  We walked in all happy & about 5 mins after we got there LM somehow, and only God knows how, split his head off we are rushed to the Nurses office, which thankfully we know her but I just felt awful for taking her away from her children's "Meet the Teacher" night.  But they were able to slow the bleeding and then we made a trip to GHS ER.  They decided to put the dermabond on it, so no needles but there is some security in good 'ole stitches.  Ya know!  All seemed to be ok & LM was back to his normal self.  Funny, how well the bounce back & forget that they had a hole in their head.  Anyways, the next night we were getting ready for bed when I figured I'd let the boo-boo air out so I took off the band-aid, well out came a corner of the glue.  Dagnabit!  Back to the ER we went, they reglued it, which was kind of annoying but something about infection.  This go round we haven't put any band-aids & it seems to be sticking.  I am sure he's going to have a lovely scar b/c there is no way that this ugly glue mess is going to end up looking pretty once it all falls off & heals.  I could be wrong so we'll just see.  The ER Dr. actually just called to check on him, I love it when they follow-up. 

Other than school, not a whole lot has been going on in the Finney house.  Harrison & I did get to go to get dressed up for a wedding this past weekend.  The wedding of a very beautiful young woman whom I have known for a very long time.  It was so strange to witness her getting married when I can still see her standing in her front yard as a pre-schooler asking to learn cheers about USC.  But no matter how young I feel that she is, the fact is she's is all grown up and the same age as Harrison & I were when we got married.  Everyone grows up someday right?  Before I know it, it will be Harrison & I watching Abbie get married..but dear goodness, I sure hope that's at least 20 yrs away. 

I did just see a back-to-school segment on the Today Show and they were talking about the supplies that parents are being asked to buy b/c of budget cuts.  It really hit a nerve b/c while yes, it is a public education we as parents do need to make sure our kids and their classes have what they need.  The segment was talking about how parents are being asked to bring in more household type items, like ziplocs, papertowels & even toilet paper & detergent.  I just kind of figure if that teacher needs it & she's going to be using it for my child then it's what we buy.  It's not a thought of "why am I being asked to buy this"  it's you're teaching my child & if this is what you need then this is what you will get.  I guess some parent could feel like they should have to buy anything to send their child to school for a "public" education but seriously "public" doesn't mean free.  Even if it were a private school, you'd still have to by back-to-school supplies, it's just all the other things are built into "tuition" so you might not be aware of that extra few bucks that have been built in for the extras teachers need.  I know it's a different story if you can't afford the items but if you can & it's going to make our children's experience all that much better then just get what the teacher needs.  I am glad teachers are asking & aren't just getting them themselves.  But that's a whole other blog as to why we don't pay those we trust to teach our children more money!  I mean the big-wigs certainly make sure they have their millions & they end up screwing something up most of the time.  I won't go off on a tangent so I will stop now.

I need to get off of here & get my day started.  I am going to meet a dear friends brand new baby so we need to head in that direction. And then hope to go see another dear friend who just had her baby too. Babies, Babies & more it doesn't make me have that "oh just one more feeling" I am very happy with starting to watch my babies grow & not have one or be pregnant. 

I might not write again for a few days so just so you can be up to date with my life here's what's coming up.  This weekend, we have a birthday party and a neighborhood party.  Plus, Sunday is Rally Day at Eastminster (our Church).  This is when we kick off the Fall with the start of new classes.  Plus it's a momentous day in our Church's history b/c we have our 1st Interim Pastor preaching.  He started yesterday & it's going to be so exciting to have a full-time person in place that is going to help us move in the direction we need to go.  And after Church we're having a bbq! It's always a great time to eat together!  Lots of fun!

Ok, for now that's all I can think of.  So I am off, plus LM is crying, he probably catapulted off the futon in the playroom since that's where the whimpers are coming from.  Nope, no jumping just an breaks & no tears so we're all good!!  And now Benjamin has started with "momma" at the top of his's amazing how I am blocking it all out to write worries..they're fine!!  (he had just climbed on top of the toy big deal..) seriously, all is good!

Bye for now!!

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  1. I think I know why the school dropoff was so quick. According to your blog clock, you came home and wrote this at 5:57am. Not too many people in carline that early in the morning!

    I notice that I have the most comments on here. I believe that makes me the official Melinda Fan Club President. Please prepare a stack of 8x10 autographed glamour-shot photos that I can hand out to your adoring followers.