Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A New Day

I am sitting on our porch watching the kids play and it's just the best thing ever.  They are happy & so am I, what more can you ask for.  Dinner is in the oven & all is well.  Not all moments in our day are this way, we have lots of crazy moments where I feel like I could just crawl into bed and never come out but I really try not to feel this "defeated' feeling that often b/c I find when I do, "they" take over & chaos in I remain calm, keep them busy & try not to pull my hair out.  Ever have those moments?  I know I am not alone. 

Other than school & the gym, there's nothing new in my life.  I did take the boy's to a Volunteer Orientation this morning at Bethel, it didn't go so hot, so I ended up leaving & emailing the super nice Volunteer VP & apologizing for leaving but as a mom, she totally understood & I have another Orientation for Room Mom's so she said I'd get it all then, I will make sure the boys are not with me.  I am looking forward to taking on some new tasks at Abbie's school, you know how I like to be involved.  Once we left, Harrison had a meltdown b/c he wanted to go to my mom's house and didn't want to go to the gym & I almost gave in but I knew that if I took him there & didn't go straight to the gym I wouldn't get a number for the spin class.  Plus, I don't like him just thinking he has an out, so I stood my ground & took him to the gym, despite the fact he was crying & they had to leave him in the sign-in area so he could calm down.  He was totally fine, it was more of he woke up early so he was tired.  As soon as I picked him up he told me how much he had fun & enjoyed going to the gym.  It's all an act.  But anyways, we went on about our day & they were fine.  Abbie had another great day at school.  She loves that she gets stars & green squares for good behavior..makes me wonder if I should start something like that.  But she'd probably just want the school ones. 

I guess outside of my daily routine with the kids there is my "other" life, at church and with my mom's group.  At Church we just hired a new Interim Pastor and things have slowed down a good bit now that we're not interviewing but it's just the start and now we begin the process of what's next.  It's going to be an exciting time for us.  I am looking forward to seeing what is to come & to see what will develop.  And for my mom's group, we're just plugging along and in a lot of ways I feel the same way about Church that I do about the group, I am looking forward to seeing what will develop and what is to come.  I do need some fresh blood to join the org team so we can also move into that next phase.  It's kind of funny that my Church life and my Mom's group are so intertwined, I mean I started my life on Session at the same time I became Organizer of the Mom's group.  But I guess that's life in general, it's all connected.  And in a lot of ways that I am looking forward to what's next with these, I look forward to that for my life.  The more I become involved with & as each day passes I try to figure out what my place in this world is.  I know I was destined to be a mom, but what else does God have in store for me?  Everything I have ever done outside of the work force has always been wonderful, I just somehow need to figure out how to mesh the two.  Not that I am looking to go to work but honestly if I could figure out a way to do all of the things I love doing and get paid, wouldn't that be amazing!  Someday, I will know where this journey is taking me but for now I am along for the ride. 

I think I have entered a rambling state, so I am signing off now.  Btw this blog is dedicated to Susan Carlson! :)

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  1. I am so honored. I think I might be crying just a little. And I love that you used 'clam' instead of 'calm' TWO times. I'm sure that was just for me, right?

    God has only just begun His plans for you, my friend! And you do an incredible job of getting out there and figuring out what they are!