Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ammo Just Arrived

"Ammo Just Arrived" is posted on a sign for a hardware store that I pass while taking Harrison to school.  It really struck me as an odd thing to put on a sign.  As Big Harrison would say "I am not their target market" being the advertising aficionado that he is, which is so true, I am not.  But really is that the "bait" to get people in the door.  I guess it is, it's just not gonna get me in the door.  But in another aspect that sign if perhaps on a billboard it could be interpreted to mean so many things, I mean, "Ammo Just Arrived."  It could mean, I am ready, watch out.  It's a possibility right?  Not to give too much attention to something that is really not that important, I just found it funny & thought provoking. 

Kind of like this past Sunday, during the Sermon, our minister quoted the 23rd Psalm "though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death" and my brain split into two thoughts..yes, I am talented like's a fun trait that I possess, it truly makes having a conversation with me exciting!  So my two thoughts went to, the 1st time I remember hearing this Psalm which was at my grandmother's funeral, my dad's mom.  A popular one for funerals yes, but it always stuck with me.  Then my other thought went to the mid-90's movie "Dangerous Minds" b/c the theme song from that movie "Gangsta's Paradise" also uses that same verse from Psalm 23.  And then my thoughts went to my funeral, more a celebration of life, and in my flash of my funeral that song was playing..very strange I know but that's just how my brain works.  I don't really think I'd want to use that song when my time has come but I guess there are worse choices. 

This past week was the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  Several news programs featured the aftermath on their shows.  It's kind of sad that that area on gets attention on the anniversary & I know that so much has been done but it'll never been enough.  We some how dropped the ball when Katrina 1st hit.  I mean, in our own country to help our own people we dropped the ball.  I remember when the Hurricane 1st hit & people were packing up to head to that region, I would have loved to have gone.  But part of me was scared b/c of all of the "unknowns" that were being scattered on the news but it still was a pull to go.  I did end up going to Mississippi the following Summer with the Youth at our Church for a Mission Trip.  Even almost 1 yr later, it was like time stood still.  It was insane.  Everyone needed help & it was still unorganized at to who got the help, how they got it, and so on.  The organization that we were working with was on their game but they had to work with the barriers of getting the help for the people that needed it.  And the magnitude of what had happened & what everyone went through was so hard to comprehend.  It's just something I have never witnessed or experienced before.  We stood on cement slabs where houses once were, we saw dishes scattered & broken, cars washed up on the side of the road, churches with out walls, piers completely gone, roads broken into sections as if a huge jackhammer had stomped on them.  We saw tons of fema houses, which I went into one & just couldn't imagine making that my home.  I know if I had too, I would but they were so small & I just couldn't imagine living in something that felt like the size of my car but with a single burner for cooking in it.  I am so grateful for the chance to go there & will never be able to remove the feeling or things I saw there nor would I want too, I only wish I had the means to do more.

Now the rest of my thoughts seem mundane compared to that.  But I guess that's ok?  There's not much else going on in my thoughts right now.  I did my usual routine of taking kids to school and then to the gym today.  I didn't go yesterday because I had some errands to do & I knew I couldn't fit in going to the gym, errands & getting Harrison by noon.  So I didn't go, which made me wonder how this morning was going to work & if I was going to be able to fit it in.  But I did, I took him to school then Benjamin & I headed to the gym.  I was finished in enough time to even shower & plant two mums I bought yesterday before I had to leave to get Harrison.  I felt pretty good about getting it all in.  I just never know how much Benjamin is going to allow me to do, but for the most part he just goes with whatever I need to do.  It's a nice thing! 

So now instead of folding the clothes that I just dumped on my bed I am blogging.  Using my time wisely, I know.  Plus my dog, Ty, has taken up residence in the middle of the pile of clothes, so I wouldn't want to disturb him, maybe when he wakes up I will tackle the clothes.  Lil Harrison is pretending to make muffins in his room & while I have been typing he has brought me a strawberry one, a mixed fruit one & a banana one.  He said his "Anna" which is his pretend sister, showed him how to mix them & where to get the mix form.  Abbie has a pretend sister named "Anna" too so that's how Harrison's started but they are two totally different Anna's & they live in different places & do different things.  It's kind of cute.  I guess one day it will be inevitable that Benjamin will have an "Anna" too.  Maybe when they all grow up they'll all live together with their "Anna's".  At least that's what Abbie & Harrison talk about.  More of living next to each other in a their own apartments in NYC.  They have a fascination with New York b/c of their Aunt Jane.  She lives in the city & that's where they both, particularly Abbie wants to live.  She asked me one day if NYC had a lot of stores, to which I said "yes" and then she asked do they have a lot of stores with make-up, again I said "yes" she followed that with, "I am definitely going to live there"  This from my child that is super picky about her clothes & doesn't like the fancy ones (thank goodness) but she wants to go live in a place known for fashion.  Maybe her pickyness will transpire into a future career for having a special eye for all the latest trends.  Who knows, right?  Although I know that if I ask her if she'd want to work in fashion or with make-up when she grows up, she'll tell you no b/c she's going to be a cowgirl so she can ride horses all the time.  She loves horses.  She had wanted to be a firefighter until she found out you have to sleep at the fire station & wear a uniform.  She's not all about sleeping away from home or not wearing her own "comfy clothes"  She's a character, I tell ya!  But as my mom likes to tell me "she gets it honestly" and I know she does, b/c it's like looking in a mirror sometimes when I watch her.  In a way it's like that with all 3.  They are a good mix & as Benjamin gets older I'll see more of it but I can totally see it in Abbie & Harrison. 

Well, I am going to have some down time with the remaining 30 mins I have before I load the kids up to go get Abbie.  I just doesn't seem like enough time.  Especially when I have had a 3 yr old talking my ear off for most of this post.  All about his muffins.  It's too cute so I just have to listen, especially when he said he made more & wanted to share with me.  He just has a heart of gold!  He & Abbie totally love helping me make meals for others & that's what he's doing, making muffins to help his "Anna" feel better b/c she's sick.  Now just remind me of this when he's pitching a fit later today.

All for now, I am off!  Hope you have a wonderful day!

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